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What Is YouTube Vanced - The Most Versatile And Powerful YouTube Player

YouTube Vanced is simply a modified version of a popular YouTube application. It adds quite a few features that you won't find in the standard official YouTube application from Google. Features like built-in whitelisting, private/confirm mode, unlimited streaming widths, and many more.

What Is YouTube Vanced

The Latest YouTube Vanced

The biggest change that youtube vanced offers compared to other YouTube apps is the fact that it allows you to browse through your subscribed videos directly within the YouTube application. You can go right to the section where all of your subscriptions are listed, such as the newest releases, music videos, TV shows, movies, etc. From there, you can click on one of the thumbnails for each channel or category that you want to see. You'll also get access to added tags and search terms. These are all extremely useful, but the biggest change with this application is that it allows you to directly stream all your media from YouTube, instead of playing them through the YouTube player.

YouTube Vanced isn't an official Google product, but it has been designed by two guys from the Android team. That means that it's not like every other modded YouTube application that Google has released before. It also offers a great alternative to the official YouTube application, if you prefer not to use the built-in app. The reason why it works so well is that it has a lot more powerful capabilities than the built-in YouTube does, and it's even better when you use Vanced to access the YouTube content.

The Biggest Advantage Of YouTube Vanced

The biggest advantage that YouTube Vanced has over the official YouTube application is that it allows you to stream everything from YouTube directly to your mobile device. Because this is the case, it's also possible to use Vanced on rooted Android devices. To do this, you first need to download both the Vracted app and the Vanced plugin. Next, install the plugin on your rooted device. Open the Vanced settings and tap the button next to Shared Applications.

Tap Browse to download cancel. When you have the plugin installed, go ahead and log in to YouTube on your desktop. Open the browser on your phone and type in the search box the same way that you would in the YouTube application on your phone. Pick the "mastered" option to maximize your viewing experience.

Use YouTube Vanced And Youtube

If you want to enjoy the benefits of using YouTube Vanced but don't want to switch out of your current home tab, there is another way to enjoy YouTube videos on your phone. All you have to do is install the Facebook Video Privacy Wall. This Facebook plugin utilizes the same Video Privacy system as the official application, allowing you to manage your privacy settings while still allowing all of your friends to see your latest video clips. You can even set the period in which your video will be visible to everyone.

If you prefer not to use YouTube Vanced, you can download Vanced APK to use as a stand-alone YouTube player. This is available for free on the Google Play Store and has received many positive reviews. There are several different settings available, including Allow all users to see the latest video clips; hide videos that are viewed but not watched; and only allow certain people to be able to view your videos.


While you can use the black theme with YouTube Vanced, it is recommended that you use the dark theme with the plugin. By doing so, you can have the same effect as the YouTube application does. The black theme comes included in the download and is completely free. Since the plugin also controls the Play Music feature, it is recommended that you use it with other applications as well. This way, you can mix and match your videos with the music and even watch videos while listening to your favorite music.